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Emergency out-of-hours -

028 3839 9201


Please note at least 24 hours notice must be given to cancel an appointment online


Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill. If you are a carer, please notify reception.


Practice Fees

Bannview Medical Practice is a Trust operated GP service.  We are not run for profit and provide only those items of service which fall under the umbrella of NHS Primary Care.  Anything that falls outside of this remit is a private service which may generate a profit for the provider.                                                                                                          

Many GP practices provide non-NHS services to their patients as they will generate a private fee for this work; either from the patient directly and/or from those to whom forms and reports are sent.  As other GP practices are private businesses it is entirely at their discretion whether they provide additional services and how much they charge.                 

It is inappropriate for any of our doctors to use Trust premises and Trust time to provide services which command a private fee - it is 'time theft' from their employer, the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, and I cannot put them in this position.                                                         

Whilst I am sure it seems frustrating or obstructive, please be assured it is not our intention.  We constantly strive to act in the best interest of our patients and in doing so all of our doctors work extremely hard, providing high quality NHS care. I feel that it is an advantage to all of our patients that we dedicate our time and resources into our core services and we hope you see the value of being a patient at a practice run 'not for profit'.                                                                             

Our administration team can advise you of your next steps to help you obtain the services you require and direct you to alternative private providers.  Please be patient with our team as they work to support you - every patient is unique and they may need to seek advice from colleagues before getting back to you.                                                 

I hope this clarifies our position and thank you for your understanding                                                                                                            

Dr Peter Wilson                                                                               

Clinical Lead

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